Green Footprints Matter 

Green Footprints is recognition of our place in the web of life and our environmental responsibility to protect it. People have become very powerful and it seems we can shape the world to our whim and desire. This leads people to feel that we are superior, separate, and above life. Feeling godlike is a terrible and dangerous illusion. We need the rest of life much more than it needs us because extinctions are usually the result of habitat loss. Therefore, sustainability should be seen as enlightened self-interest. It’s all about us. As individuals we get more health and happiness by protecting our immediate and distant environments.

Responsibility Is A Wonderful Gift 

The statement ‘living within your means’ isn’t a puritanical admonishment damning us to a crushing miserable existence. Rather, it is the key to immediate and long term happiness. On a personal level being environmentally responsible and working within our limits is liberating, powerful and attractive. Providing for the preservation and improvement of habitat is our responsibility and the greatest gift we can give to our children and everyone in the future. The best way for us to show appreciation for all that has been given to us is to live sustainably as possible.

We’re All In This Together 

Living sustainably also challenges the illusion of separateness. All people are in life together. Those of us who have plenty make countless environmental decisions every day without awareness of how our decisions affect others. Every plastic package and most chemicals we buy impacts our health and the environment at large. A toxic environment harms the poor more than anybody else. They breathe the most smog, drink the most poisonous water and live in our civilization’s filth. We hold ourselves responsible to make a positive impact by generating fewer chemicals and plastic filth.

The Most Meaningful Social Justice is Environmental Responsibility 

Organic Essence believes that the most meaningful social justice is environmental responsibility. Tangible social justice you can hold in your hand, rather than just spending guilt money on hollow marketing schemes. Organic Essence is trailblazing a responsible path for everyone to follow. We must reduce the chemicals and plastic and live within our environmental means. Environmental responsibility not only improves our personal health but makes a huge contribution to poor people everywhere and for generations to come.

We Can Make A Difference Right Now 

As a practical matter, many things we buy only come packaged in plastic. We need more genuinely sustainable options so Organic Essence began developing and using paper packaging. Our packages don’t leach phthalates and other toxic chemicals to contaminate the product. Paper is recycled the most and feeds small life when it isn’t recycled. Paper is inherently carbon-neutral because it originally captured its carbon from the atmosphere. Organic Essence sees paper packaging as the package for the future, so we can have a long, healthy future.