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Without a doubt, choosing an organic deodorant is an important way to reduce your exposure to toxins in your everyday products. Deodorants (as opposed to antiperspirants) let your body do its natural job of regulating temperature and eliminating toxins through sweat. Organic Essence Organic Deodorant Wood Spice combines baking soda with organic coconut oil for effective odor control. Aluminum Free and without creepy chemicals, it goes on smooth for long lasting freshness. Finally, an organic option. So you can indulge yourself with the highest quality ingredients on the planet.

Moreover we believe the outer package is just as important as the product inside. That said, many deodorant packages just fall short. We invented the paper Eco Tube to answer obvious current day packaging issues. Streamlined simplicity, artistically functional and it biodegrades back to the earth. Zero plastic waste!

Additionally curious about the importance of USDA certified organic ingredients? Learn more here.

  • USDA Certified Organic
  • Organic Deodorant shuts down odor causing bacteria with baking soda and organic coconut oil
  • Gentle for all skin types and perfect for everyday use
  • Indulge yourself with the highest quality on the planet

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