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Jenica Barrett of Zero Waste Wisdom Blog from Seattle, WA was kind enough to review Organic Essence’s products on her latest blog post.

Here is what she had to say about us:

Jenica Barrett from Zero Waste Wisdom reviewed our deodorants, ingredients, and plastic-free biodegradable paper packaging on her Facebook and Instagram platforms as well. Please review them here:


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What deodorant do you use? I typically make my own deodorant and have for a while. But I’ve also been known to use up old deodorants from friends and family that buy something they don’t like. I’ll also take ones from my Buy Nothing Group! ?? Sometimes though, I enjoy having an easy to carry deodorant that doesn’t weigh so much in my glass jar. When @organicessenceusa reached out to me about trying their deodorant packaged 100% in paper, I knew this could be a great option! ? SPONSORED REVIEW – if you want to read all about why this plastic free deodorant is now my favorite, visit my blog for the full post! The highlights are that it works, the packaginging is simple yet effectively makes the deodorant portable, and the company is dedicated to plastic free packaging at all levels. I’ll still make my own deodorant for the most part, but having a great alternative I can get my hands on easily is always a good idea! #zerowaste #plasticfree #zerowastewisdom #zerowasteliving #ecofriendly #greenbusiness #paperpackaging #productreview #zerowasteblogger #lesswaste #greenskincare #zerowastebusiness

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