Why USDA Organic?

BEYOND NATURAL: At Organic Essence, we’re beyond “natural” and “conventional” with our USDA Certified Organic bodycare products. We source the highest quality ingredients from organic farms and suppliers. And, we share your concerns for the environment and future generations with our “Packaging for Life” commitment.

QUICK SUMMARY of USDA: The “Gold Standard” is considered certification by the USDA National Organic Program (NOP). This is the same standard used to certify organic food, and it is the only standard in the U.S. recognized by law. The two most common levels of “organic” certification under the NOP are for products that are over 95% organic by content (which may bear the USDA Organic seal) and for products that are between 70-95% organic (which may not bear the seal, but may instead say “Made with Organic…”).

Organic Essence makes only 95%-100% organic products which are free from pesticide residues, unnecessary synthetic chemicals, and synthetic fertilizers and phthalates leaching from plastic containers that can potentially harm your health.

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