What’s with ‘natural’ anyways?

The term ‘natural’ traditionally meant ‘something from nature’, unadulterated. Since the Synthetic Chemical Revolution – which started around 150 years ago – the term has taken on the additional meaning that something does not contain synthetic chemicals or has not been overly manipulated. Over the last two generations, the term has taken on even more importance since the pace of chemical innovation and use has exploded.

Unfortunately, marketers have abused the term so much, ‘natural’ has become almost meaningless for a lot of people. For those who are serious about avoiding unnecessary chemical exposure, the term ‘natural’ has taken on the added meaning of ‘deliberate deception’.

Chemical exposure isn’t always bad. In fact, the advent of mildly poisoning municipal water with chlorine has saved literally millions of people from suffering waterborne illness and even death. That does not mean that heedless exposure is necessarily safe. Modern living exposes all of us to almost countless chemicals every day, and it’s in our own self-interest to be conscious of what we are exposing ourselves to.

Why take on unnecessary chemical exposure if you don’t need to? This is the point of Organic. It’s an easy way to know what you are getting, or better yet, to know what you’re not getting.

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