USDA Certified Organic products are certified to food grade standards. This means that a consumer buying an USDA Certified Organic product is assured that the product does not contain pesticides, GMOs, and in the case of body care products, chemical fragrances, chemical dyes, detergents, nor chemical preservatives. This is important because detergents and preservatives arouse the greatest health concerns.

Health concerns gave rise to the organic food movement in the 1960s and have grown to include body care products in recent years. Natural body care products made widespread appearance in the 1990s and since then, the term “natural” has been over marketed and under delivered, so currently the term has lost most of its meaning.

The same marketing forces that lead the diminishment of the term “natural” are now switching to “organic”. The most egregious examples revolve around simply proclaiming that a product is “organic” when a consumer has only the manufacturer’s word that it is.  Many go so far as to craft their own official looking organic logos. Another trick is to use the word “organic” in the name, or simply claim that it contains organic ingredients. Consumers should be aware that these deceptions may hide the fact that these products often contain preservatives and detergents that consumers are trying to avoid in the first place.

The old expression “buyer beware” is just as valid today as it ever was. The only assurance consumers have that a product is truly organic is to look for certification by a third party, and preferably one that is backed up by the US Government. The USDA National Organic Program is the world’s best because it has the world’s strictest certification for body care products, hands down. Detergents and chemical preservatives are strictly prohibited, assuring consumers that the most dangerous body care chemicals are not present in any product bearing the USDA Organic logo.

Organic Essence is in the forefront of the organic body care movement working to assure that shortsighted corporate interests don’t undermine the meaning of organic with alternative weak private standards or diminish the USDA National Organic Program itself. For consumers, ‘organic’ primarily means personal health. It is our position that the term “organic” is a public trademark and belongs to the people for the benefit of all. USDA Organic, the world’s “Gold Standard” for health.