Natural Is Not Safe Enough

What is Natural?

Most people think the term ‘natural’ means that a product is safer than other products. Natural product advertising feeds this perception with near-universal use of clean landscape imagery filled with happy good-looking models. But so often  the most natural thing many brands have to offer is their attractive advertising. Most natural products are the same as conventional because they are made with the same chemical detergents, fragrances and biocides – also known as: ‘preservatives’.

Why Does Anyone Care About Natural?

The whole point of natural products being safer is that they shouldn’t harm us with dangerous chemicals. A brief Wikipedia article nicely explains this: And that is where things get complicated because how does anyone know which currently-thought-of-as-safe chemicals won’t turn out to be dangerous in the near future? That is why people who are able to take care of themselves and their families choose to avoid as many unnecessary chemicals as possible. Why play bad odds? Organic Essence says: When you need chemicals, it’s great to have them. But why expose yourself to chemicals when you don’t need them? Casual, unthinking exposure causes enormous misery.

How is Organic Different?

Organic is about avoiding as many unnecessary chemicals as possible. Natural is just taking some marketer’s word for “our chemicals are safer”.  This is why ‘natural’ is not safe enough. In the body care and health industry, the overwhelming response to the question: “What does natural mean?” is “Nothing.” Nothing as in the term has become meaningless because of marketing misuse. It may be that the term ‘natural’ is worse than nothing, because it deceives people into thinking that they are avoiding chemicals when they aren’t. In many cases ‘natural’ products are no safer than conventional products because they use the same chemicals. Just take a few minutes the next time you visit the supermarket and scan a few product ingredient panels in the skincare aisle.

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