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Finding Strength in Nature

Recent events have come as an unwelcome surprise to most of us. How do we find our bearings in this genuinely crazy time?

Here at Organic Essence, we believe that we should go to our source of strength whenever we’re unsure. Nature provides the fundamental, physical source of all life. By aligning ourselves to nature and its patterns, we become more than just ourselves, we join with a powerful system that stands the test of time. Bringing nature into our lives brings a calming centeredness that’s hard to find elsewhere. A sense of direction, inspiration and perspective beyond value.

Now is the time to take a break away from our overfilled daily lives and come back home to Mother Earth. Draw comfort, strength and resilience from our natural environment whenever you can, even if it’s your pets or just a houseplant. A breath of fresh air. The cool of the night. When you listen closely, nature answers our questions. Think and choose long-lasting quality over convenient disposables. Always seek to improve your life and help those around you. You are never stronger or more stable than when you have both feet firmly planted on the ground. Conduct the strength nature gives you and

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