farm fresh

Why Organic?

Organic is about you feeling good

Feeling good, feeling healthy is one of life’s most valuable and greatest benefits. Like all things that are worthwhile, good health takes some effort and expense. It is far easier and cheaper initially to use chemical short-cut food and cosmetics, but in the long run the chemicals rob people of the most precious things in their lives, their health and the health of their loved-ones. In a very real way, cheap is deadly expensive.

Organic is about human kind’s prosperity

Everything good for us originally comes from the dirt. Everyone can agree that being well-off for a day is nothing when compared to long-term prosperity. But our modern, short cut to instant abundance is destroying the foundation of tomorrow’s abundance, and instead is guaranteeing future scarcity of the healthy things we will always need. When we support ‘commercial’ food and cosmetics, we’re paying for agricultural practices that are sucking the life out of soils and leaving dead muck behind.

Organic is about spiritual responsibility

‘Cheap’ and ‘convenience’ describe some of the overriding features of everyone’s retail shopping, and to a degree our social experience. There is nothing wrong with wanting physical stuff; after all, we’re flesh and blood physical beings. We need stuff. However, there is a deep un-wellness that comes from wanting far more than you need. The marketing we’re surrounded by promises the illusion of happiness if you just buy more, but instead all that cheap stuff delivers depression in the end. In this way, we’re being coaxed and manipulated to self-harm. Finding out who we are, and what we really need is our spiritual responsibility. All of us owe it to ourselves to find real happiness.

The Local Environment

The Indigenous People of the Northwest (and throughout the world) understand the reality of sustainability. Being one with the environment is essential for their well being and survival. They respect the flora and fauna and manage those relationships with a long term overview. Organic started as an ecological process without regulations – because it worked. Over time, as cultures grew, the relationship with Nature diminished but through the modern organic paradigm, it is being revitalized. We are deeply committed to the organic movement. As organic body care inventors of zero waste packaging, it only makes sense that we would expand our sensibilities to organic farming. To be sustainable; is a way of life and are we fully dedicated to those principles. We are excited to add farming to our repitoire of things we love and are anxiously awaiting USDA organic approval for our modest farm beginnings.

Meet Arias

Arias, is a mini horse with a heart of gold and equally big spirit! He is super chill and enjoys grazing all day long. His days appear to be lackadaisical, dreamily drifting across the fields munching on dandelion sprouts and grass but actually Arias is hard at work as an intrical part of the organic system. We collect and add his beneficial manure to the compost pile and when sufficiently ready, hand till the compost back into the soil to maintain a healthy balance. His manure is an excellent source of nutrients for plants and it does a fabulous job as mulch and as a soil amendment, adding fibrous material that helps in aeration and drainage and improving water retention where necessary. All of this happens daily while he effortlessly cruises across our fields and into our hearts.

Zero Waste Packaging

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